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Keeping all floors clean every day has never been easier

Vacuuming couldn’t be easier. Just press ‘Clean’ and iRobot Roomba gets on with the hard work. It finds its way around effortlessly, avoids obstacles, vacuums under furnishings and effectively cleans every area, covering the floor multiple times and focusing extra cleaning energy where it’s needed most.

“I turn it on, go to work and come home to spotless floors – amazing!”

A robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners, and iRobot Roomba is virtually maintenance-free. You don’t even need to be at home to do the cleaning! Simply set up the schedule and you can go out and do far more enjoyable things, then come home to beautifully clean floors.

Whatever kind of vacuum cleaner you use now, you will never have experienced anything quite like the Roomba from iRobot. Thanks to the revolutionary AeroForceTM Performance Cleaning System and its pioneering Tangle-Free Aero-ForceTM Extractors*, it’s an astonishing 50% more effective at removing dust, dirt, hair and debris from all floor types than even our own previous, market-leading models. So easy to use. Put simply, nothing else comes close.

iRobot, the robot company

iRobot is a robot company. They only make robots. Always have. Always will. Perhaps that is why they only make the best robots. Roomba conforms to the same rigorous standards, consistently outcleaning the competition thanks to iRobot’s pioneering robotic technology, which has been tried, tested and perfected over more than two decades.

*) iRobot Roomba 800 and 900 series


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